7loveJohnson-meditation-balanceWe are so conditioned to prayer that we don’t recall how to truly listen… Pray to speak to GOD, Meditate to listen. 1 side of the story or simply put… Speaking but not listening is a problem I have encountered with some that are unable to have a conversation. When I was a young girl, I rarely spoke unless it was something important to say ( I didn’t make it a habit to sweat the small stuff ) and I understood what I was saying because, I was too busy listening. Communication is a two way street and if we are missing clarity, we will never see… the other side of the conversation~ xo seven GOD Speed

my mind can now comprehend what my eyes see & ears hear… meditation, birth of my thoughts~ xo7

Pray 2speak with God; meditate 2listen 2God

A Child carries no worries… meditation invites you to visit that experience in mind; and when teamed up with yoga, u find physical youth again xo~ seven Goddess speed 7lovejohnson-mind-meditation

Ok Guys… 1of 1 take; in the #RAW #Meditation and what it is. GOD taught me in true life form and I learned this in living… not on yoga mat xo :) http://7LoveJohnson.com/meditation/
Posted by Seven Love Johnson on Friday, November 14, 2014

by 7LoveJohnson

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  1. “Love is love’s reward.” ~ John Dryden

  2. Addriene says:

    I’d vtnerue that this article has saved me more time than any other.