I'm not normal

It’s more people in my DM commenting and seeking info than on my timeline… Y’all some egotistical, self righteous leaches xo if I can WORK to find my shared info; you sure can swallow your pride in asking… I do and I have not 1 regret because, it’s not mines to hold on to nor is it mines to give away freely all willy nilly xo~ seven GOD speed That how all this shyt begin; folks with thirsty egos holding on to GOD gifts with tight fist.

That’s why I don’t answer messages from people I don’t see on my timeline xo this shyt ain’t free. I spend time, money and energy… Lots of it xo our people are perishing due to pride, sloth and ego http://7LoveJohnson.com/virtues/ #Virtues

by 7LoveJohnson

7LoveJohnson, Seven Love Johnson: Executive Creative Director / Organic Positive Living; Sharing Wealth Through Health and Wellness: xo seven~Lovasta' Wellness Sage