I see some practices claiming to be African culture… Let’s face it, all of these claims are not True and All of African Cultures were not the greatest… If so we would not be in these GOD awful  situations under oppression.
And please keep your righteous thoughts to yourself because, even if someone’s trying to remove themselves from the “african amerikan” forced cultures of today; it’s a heck of a lot better than folding into the offers of the oppressor.
We can only identify with our highest reach and if you are only reaching for the word through religion and false gods then so be it… it’s your choice. Being Black, a Woman, A Mother, African is my greatest reach; I carry all of this within me and then some xo My Reach Is The Light xo~ seven GOD speed
xo~ seven GOD speed

by Seven Love Johnson

7LoveJohnson, Seven Lovaste': Executive Creative Director; Organic Positive Living Wellness Sage