Spiritual Wellness Sage‘

Executive Creative Director / Sage / Engineer

“Sharing Wealth Through Health and Wellness”

You ask what is a Sage… Unlike a Guru; I have learned not with intention to; a woman profoundly wise, framed from wisdom~ xo

Executive Creative Director Work closely with top Executives in achieving their goals. Seven’s Secret… I know corny :) but here it goes…

I’m at peace and excited all the same when at the fresh market; assuming like a woman’s rush in the Gucci and Prada shop, like a man enjoying a football game :0 I love reading labels, comparing and understanding oils, herbs and eats. Finding items to repair the fabric that has been torn; just as serious to me… meditation, care and joy. And don’t let me visit a beautiful garden… I feel at one, in my element like someone showered with diamond walking on that golden road :) xo But none of this is relevant; if not shared in helping others so here I am…

Living, Understanding & Organizing a Positive Life Style while Sharing Wealth Through Health and Wellness~ 7LoveJohnson. Steel Building Engineer – sLN Buildings

7lovejohnson-7ljArea of Expertise: Produce advanced purchase & services / Training & Development / Exquisite Detailing / Fitness / Health and Wellness / Well Spoken / Effective Listening / Clarity / Creative Writing and Expression / Organization / Virtual Marketing / Internet and 360 Degree Computer Skills including AutoCAD

Previous engagements have enforced amazing tools of motivation & self-starting skills, securing me as a diligent proactive laborer. My work ethics have migrated into my personal activities/vice -versa, which has brought a positive balance to my agenda.

message from me:

Thank you  for visiting… I am are here to assist in making your lifestyle experience painless and productive; while bringing great insight to the table because, as I have come to learn; change is organized chaos. I’ve found… choosing the finest experiences along with a responsible, caring and intuitive consultant makes for productive development, effective modifications and an unbelievable course. Bringing your vision to life is 7LoveJohnson’s ultimate goal so, enjoy the journey and remember take pride in YOUR work for I take pride in being a private liaison between you and your vision.

“A business that makes only money is in poor business”

Every once in a while someone tries to play with your mind; Don’t be insulted… Your mind isn’t you, Your mind is your instrument”- sLN Buildings 

Operating in the Black

There are 3 ways to become an investor/partner with Seven Dressing of 7LoveJohnson

  Network Marketing                Gifts/Trades           Independent Contractor

… I will not deny my relationship, I will not live by someone’s belief because it’s a tradition (or is it religion). I have chosen my faith… and it’s to be tired and weary seeking and moving to Will, while enjoying the desires gifted to my heart. I may not accomplish all of my goals but, I will leave here wearing the my greatest garment holding the sword and shield; Grow To Light xo~ seven Goddess speed

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