Headache today, slight but noticeable. Maybe the monthly vitamin b niacin flush, could also explain the lack of sleep last night… Although I use raw natural vitamin, my goal is to wean away and to rely on my food supply along with ORGANIC GREEN SUPER PERFECT FOOD. But we know most foods are depleted of it nutritional value regardless of it’s make and model. I will continue to take a multi along with B Vitamin because, my Dad pass that gene which is why I have silver hair (started at age 25) and … leg cramps when near dehydration. We’ve shared the story and he says “Soul” (which is what he’s called me since I can remember) those cramps f*** me up :0. I’ve rarely heard my dad use foul language but, I get it lol. I know the feeling and I have to look at it as a warning that I need to hydrate because, It could be traveling to my heart muscle and not just my leg. The silver hair I’m good with but the cramps smh :( “no like”. I say this because, deficiencies are passed down through the blood line. Thanks for the Salt & Pepper Dad :) “I Like” xo7

by Seven Love Johnson

7LoveJohnson, Seven Lovaste': Executive Creative Director; Organic Positive Living Wellness Sage