When they told you not to ever ever ever stare into the Sun because it would blind you... that was not so :/ Sun Gazing... an awesome daily ritual xo
Egyptians realize the Sun could be used to energize their bodies and eliminate the need to eat food? I know many of you are saying I would not want to live without food. Honestly, I feel that way but biologically our body's are feed in many ways. Nourishment come in many forms ... What if your body could be energized by the Sun alone throughout the week? Furthermore, your body would not just be energized by the Sun you would begin to unlock other capabilities of the human body alone with healing. Today the Sun is very important in the decalcification process of the pineal gland because of the poor living conditions hidden by the bells and whistles of today food and big pharma industry.

Ancient Egyptians embodied the Sun in many of their relief art. They were exercising their relationship with the Sun, while being nourished a the same tyme.

When I was a young  I used to go about barefoot with no hat, sunglasses and no sun block... opened completely to the Sun. Bless and give thanks for a cold drink of water just as freely :) Returning to those practices; you will feel the freedoms not only joy. Back then, it was not so conscious, we just did it. I've sometimes thought that I knew more than I do now xo~ seven GOD speed

by Seven Love Johnson

7LoveJohnson, Seven Lovaste': Executive Creative Director; Organic Positive Living Wellness Sage