the idea is to die young as late as possible


I have raised up only to notice that I’m still in my night cloths, sitting in the same seat since this morning… only to get up take Moses out and fix a #zeolite smoothie for lunch ( getting my body in pH balance alkaline state) and heat-up my lentils for dinner. This is not a diet, it’s not to drop some weight, it’s a lifestyle that I’m dedicated to for me and anyone of you. You see there’s no days to count, no number of meals to go, it’s just go until you hit… where you aimed to be… #Healthy as I can but trust, it’s all in GOD’S timing and plan. I’m not trying to live a long stretch out life; “The Idea is to die young, as late as possible”.

I have read so much about #autoimmune #skin and #muscle #disorders, that I have linked the 2 together; well in my case. But mo-better mo-better! the light has gone off ( well on :o). I’m on the right track, with a little push with Drs of course… or the lack of. Don’t get me wrong; I have great respect the brilliant minds of work but, It’s frustrating to tell a Dr what you have discovered about “your” issues and to save time just please give me the test that I ask for along with her professional opinion. I’m kind about it of course :) that’s just the short version. In some cases Drs have to realize with all this information that certain people are going to do all they respectfully can before putting themselves in their total care.

Like most people, if given the time and resources, I am diligently working to be well as I can be. I want to know… Like know :) because that’s just me. I don’t want a bandage or cream or a shot… I can work with western meds by working with me and that just the way it will be. All we have to do trust in our abilities and those alike, the internet is an awesome tool with understanding and persistence we both can fix it.

If I ask for some dope, they will be glad to send me on my way but I need what I need and I won’t stop until I get it… That’s just the way it will be xo