stop smoking

 Your way isn’t working so what do you have to lose -7LJ

quote below was taken directly from a Quitter

God Is Leading People To
Our “Quit Smoking Gods Way” Study
Because He Does Not Want His People To Smoke!!!
Words Spoken Directly To Me From God

Concerning Smoking And Receiving A Healing

Before I stopped smoking, God spoke very clear to me 23 years ago when I needed a healing.
God asked me…

“How can I heal one part of you when you’re damaging another?”
I knew exactly what He meant. He meant how can He heal one part of me when I’m damaging another (my lungs) by smoking.
That tells me that He wants us to be “totally” healed in all areas of our bodies.
Well that was the start of it all and this study.
I did as this study instructs and stopped smoking immediately and then received my healing.
I believe that this is a direct revelation from God and a fact that He does not
want His people to smoke and that possibly smoking hinders us from receiving God’s healing.

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