Why Facts Donโ€™t Change Our Minds: we have been taught to believe and things will change but we know in our minds its not enough xo~ ๐ŸŒฌ๏ธ when in truth we have a heart brain that has nothing to do with our emotions; sending pure signals to our mind brain creating logic. BUT without knowledge; logic is distorted… then we are back to the comfort zone of believing xo

xo~ Heart Brain

Most people are battling their heart against their minds and vice-versa as if they serve 2 different GODS... in actuality they both have brains that serve your higher self; working together while sending signals to and from along with the gut brain #KnowThyCells #BalanceIsTrueBeauty

by 7LoveJohnson

7LoveJohnson, Seven Love Johnson: Executive Creative Director / Organic Positive Living; Sharing Wealth Through Health and Wellness: xo seven~Lovasta' Wellness Sage